Cortina & Luxury Tales: on December 8 the renowned store Kraler will host the installation-manifesto of the environmentalist sculptor Alessandro Galanti and the first live show in Italy of the Simphoniacs

Edited by: Fiammetta Cesana

The first weekend of winter season is full of surprises. The fil rouge between the Symphoniacs, the artist Alessandro Galanti and the reality of luxury Kraler: classicism reinterpreted in a modern key. The ensemble of young virtuosos involves the audience in a live psychedelic performance, with instruments of the symphonic tradition. Galanti with his “Madre Natura” (Mother Nature) combines the sinuosity and the beauty, quasi Botticellian, of the golden work, shaping a dense plot of virtual reality. The Kraler family, at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, enhances its roots while continuing to safeguard traditions with perseverance, commitment and seriousness. Necessary values to maintain success.

Franz Kraler’s luxury mosaic is enriched with new pieces: an important restyling of the recently inaugurated Corso Italia 119 department store will include the new Gucci and Saint Laurent corners and new areas dedicated to Burberry and Loewe. Exclusive footwear will be presented to Franz Kraler from Hogan, Jimmy Choo and Roger Vivier. And special showcases and fittings will be created ad hoc by Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Tod’s Factory by Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Salvatore Ferragamo to seal the partnership with the multibrand of Cortina, that – in view of the upcoming winter championships 2021 and the candidacy, with Milan, at the 2026 Olympics – is increasingly the protagonist of the world scene. 

Saturday, December 8 will be presented the sculpture of Alessandro Galanti “Madre Natura”, a woman figure with hands clasped to the sky, in gold-plated metal, built on a spruce’s stump eradicated during the last flood in the Belluno area. A network that recalls the natural fibers, the lifeblood of each plant. A hymn to life and to struggle against suffering, and an invitation to respect nature in all its forms. The artist, recognized for his works of social criticism, was the protagonist at Palazzo Madama with the exhibited work “Omaggio ad Ilenia” (Homage to Ilenia), on the occasion of the international day of the UN for the elimination of violence against women.

Down the road of Corso Italia, a constellation of FK dedicated to men’s and women’s fashion tells a story of courage and efficiency, but above all of taste and passion, the result of a rewarding strategy that focuses on territory and customer. Not just a luxury cathedral, but a ritual experience that wants to bring the act of buying back to the “touch dress” rather than the “touch screen” in a Middle European atmosphere.

And the Symphoniacs come just from the culture of Middle Europe. The international electro-classical project, of the Berliner producer, composer and artist, Andy Leomar, will be presented for the first time in Italy by Franz Kraler. Seven young talented rebels among violinists, cellists and pianists from all over the world contaminate classical music with electronic pieces in a effervescent symphonic pop, revisiting Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” in a funk and groove key. A “club of visionaries”, a global network of soloists from the major international philharmonic orchestras: New York, London, Seoul, Moscow, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna. A musical crossover, whose members are gathered by a shared passion: to challenge the boundaries with their electro-symphonic folly and to open new paths in music.

December 8, 2018
Cocktail at 8pm
Franz Kraler
Corso Italia 119, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy