In the now almost mandatory fashion crossover, Colmar joins other sport brands to create a few capsule collections which help elevate their technical expertise and sports craftsmanship into desirable fashion objects. Colmar Originals coupled with Cristian Pellizzari and COMEFORBREAKFAST who designed respectively a menswear and a womenswear capsule collection, reinventing winter sportswear through their own unique sensibilities. The COMEFORBREAKFAST pieces for example, explore classic winter sport tropes through their own unique minimal use of proportion and color creating elements that are at the same time classic and cool, while Pellizzari fuses elements of classic menswear, military uniforms and 90s sportswear.

The Phonz and San Marco collaboration, on the other hand, is more an exploration of style than fashionable trends. Inspired by the designers’ love of motorcycles the capsule collection offers a number of leather jackets inspired by both racer and biker models of motorcycle jackets, fusing the Colmar tradition with classic details like side zips and padding and resulting in a classic, contemporary feel that speaks of lifestyles more than trends.