Text by Diletta Accorroni

“It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me.” Says Ishmael in the novel Moby-Dick, at the sight of the whale. Contemplating all the products from the Valentino Collection “Le Blanc”, it is impossible not to get this same feeling.

The collection is all about the “never without” clothes from a woman’s wardrobe; such as shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts. All of them realized in the softest of the popelines and re-interpreted with a glimpse of haute couture, Valentino’s trademark.
Easy, pret-à-porter pieces and magnificence have never been merged together so well.

The white color, both here and in the story written by the novelist Herman Melville, represents the symbol of something which shakes us and inevitably captures our attention.

Red is the New White_Valentino Le Blanc_collection_SS20_Pier Paolo Piccioli_customizable

White is symbolic. It is a color that most of the time represents royalty, brides, wisdom, spirituality, purity and Heavens. To the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, White isn’t a minimal nor a minimalistic choice, but instead it comes from afar. Specifically, it finds its roots in the sixteenth-century monochrome technique which makes astonishing three-dimensional images, thanks to the balance between lights and shades or full and empty spaces.

In times like these, it can also be read as the typical color for canvas, where we can draw anything we are dreaming about during these uncertain days or write down our projects for a brighter future. Even if Valentino has accustomed us to the correlation between Red and power, now White seems to acquire an equally important dimension, as the one which embodies the concrete of all the existing colors shades.

Red is the New White_Valentino Le Blanc_collection_SS20_Pier Paolo Piccioli_customizable

Le Blanc is a visionary project where personalization – even when it comes to volumes, fit and shapes – doesn’t seem anymore like an utopic dream. Actually, to get a truly one-of-a-kind experience, the customer can take advantage of the exclusive Made To Order service, accessible in a few selected Valentino shops, all over the world. The service is available for two looks of the collection and the Monte Napoleone boutique represents the first pop-up where this experience has been launched, the last 20th February. On this day, a beautiful installation, created through huge flowers, took place in the Milanese pop-up.

The flower itself represents the main element of the campaign by the photographers Inez & Vinoodh, where the white shirts – undisputed stars of the collection – are linked through graphic composition to the iconic SuperVee bag. Its V Signature Logo is the symbol of a narration that started over 50 years ago and which goes on still today. Inspired by the Maison’s archives, the V Signature Logo embodies the essence of hedonism, optimism and joie de vivre. Minimalism meets boldness in its tridimensional yet clean design, while the V letter has been developed over the years with a constant sophistication of its design. 

Red is the New White_Valentino Le Blanc_collection_SS20_Pier Paolo Piccioli_Valentino Garavani SuperVee Bag

The logo has been also reinterpreted with a new brass finishing in the new Valentino Garavani SuperVee bag, conveying a precise and unequivocal personality while revealing its identity, giving it an authentic essence. 

The Valentino Garavani SuperVee bag by Pierpaolo Piccioli, revealed for the first time during the PAP SS20 Collection, is now characterized by the iconic V Logo which turns into a beautiful accessory itself. 

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