The young Oscar-nominated movie star Timothée Chalamet is winning our heart… Watch out the trailer of his latest film

Being dubbed the new DiCaprio, Chalamet is effectively proving to be worthy to carry on the Leomania’s legacy.

Text by: Fiammetta Cesana

An androgynous, clean beauty, a bit like a pixie, a Peter Pan, who can’t help reminding that blondie boy with deep blue eyes, who at the end of the 90s began to make his way into the magical world of Hollywood. Although they come from different childhoods – Leonardo was born of a legal secretary and a comix artist, while Timothée immediately entered the star system being the nephew of the filmmaker Rodman Flender – have a very similar career path. Both begin very young with minor roles, up to the debut projecting them towards the global success.

“Call Me By Your Name” just seems to have been his own “Titanic”. Here Timothée plays the part of a young introvert, passionate reader and musician, who discovers homosexual love with Oliver, boy much more carefree and self-confident. His role is, by the way, very similar to the one of Leonardo in one of his first movies, “Total Eclipse”, which focuses on the homosexual relationship between a naive and a more mature boy.

Today Chalamet rides the wave of success, undeniably becoming a millennials’ crush, with a Instagram account of over 2 million followers. However, as DiCaprio, he looks more interested in committing himself to social matters rather than in enriching his social media appeal. He will donate his earning from Woody Allen’s movie “A Rainy Day in New York” to the anti-sexual assault organization RAINN, Time’s Up, and the LGBT Center in New York. His choice came after the umpteenth Dylan Farrow’s accusations against Allen, her father, of molesting her as a child.

After taking part in the cast of “Lady Bird”, he returns to cinemas with a new lead role. This time we find him playing a nasty teen who after the loss of his father goes to Cape Cod where he falls in love and gets involved into a drug trade. With “Hot Summer Nights”, released on June 28, Timothée already shows us his chameleonic acting abilities, presenting himself as an eligible candidate for the Oscars… hoping he won’t take as much time as his predecessor to obtain the golden statuette.