The much-anticipated wedding takes place tomorrow and the whole world has their eyes on Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has attracted an increased amount of attention in a way that didn’t happen in a long time. The traffic on social and traditional media has once again benefited from the British royal house’s allure. Obviously, the media did not miss the chance to let a steady flow of dollars in. The bride’s American nationality revived her partnership with the royal descendant. This year, the royal wedding sparked a popular and extremely ancestral fantasy, a need for a collective fairy-tale to simulate the actual desire of many, many people: to be able to afford a life with loads of time and loads of money. The recent trend of globalisation allowed a more profound analysis of the phenomenon, while the gap between the rich and the poor is constantly widening. Besides, financial speculation is becoming more profitable than production, especially in Europe. In such a context, people seem to require to wallow on beautiful stories that fill tabloids and entertain a large audience at small talks. What did they eat? Where did it all happen? How did they feel? This human activity is precisely human and social. It becomes even more acute in moments of longing for dreams and illusions, when there is special need for identification and easy consumption of the present moment.

Dry does not want to be outdone and is looking forward to joining the most glamorous event of the past few years. First of all, there is the BBC live coverage (in Italy it’s going to be Rai1); then, there is the ABC News and CBSN streaming. And if you are interested in hearing the ceremony’s audio recording, be aware that the Decca Records will record the event at St. George’s Chapel. By the end of May you’ll even be able to by their CD or vinyl: needless to say, the profits will go to a charitable cause.

The action
The American pastor Michael Curry will deliver the royal wedding sermon at 12.00, on Saturday, May 19, in front of a group of “intimate” guests. At about 13.00 the newlyweds will travel in an open black carriage with red trim and white cream insides. They will travel from Windsor castle through the town and return to the Castle along a tree-lined avenue. Thousands of people will witness the event together with a large security team, while huge screens will allow you to enjoy every single detail of the ceremony from many different locations in London.

Floral decorations
The couple selected a floral designer from London, Philippa Craddock. The chapel will be filled with fragrant white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves, branches of beech, birch and hornbeam.

Royal Wedding Dress code
Very important, essential question: how to dress at a wedding? And especially, how to dress at a royal wedding?
Men are required to wear a “lounge suit”, which is not so demanding after all: a shirt and a tie, the same elements of a regular working day. 
Women should choose a long knee-length dress for the day, and a whimsical hat.

The common people
The couple really wanted to share their wedding with the people, but common British citizens (1200 guests) will only be able to stop at the Windsor gardens in front of the chapel, without actually attending the royal lunch. They were officially advised to bring a packed lunch.

Royal chef Mark Flanegan, together with a team of 30 people, will prepare the lunch for 600 guests.  The menu, however, was actually selected by the couple, who, according to the wedding tradition, tested all the dishes before choosing them.
“We’re definitely not doing any experimenting for the wedding” says Flanegan “They are very much about allowing the own identity of the ingredients to stand proud, so it is very much based on classical use of the different ingredients.” Alla Hall will be served, in piedi,”mini main courses” in bowls like shepherd’s pie, Hawaiian poke, or lamb, anyway everything’s coming from Kent farms and from Queen’s estate at Windsor. Including the dessert, which will be prepared by royal pastry chef Selwen Stoby and will include chocolate truffles, crème brulee and macarons. Sugared almonds will be Italian, produced by the same company that provided them for Carlo and Diana’s wedding.

Wedding cake
Lemon and elderflower wedding cake will be the iconic matrimonial dessert for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Tested, bought, delivered and baked by Claire Ptak, of the East London shop Violet Bakery. Claire is well known in the pastry world for having trained at Chez Panisse, “the” place of healthy Alice Waters.

Wines and champagne will come from the royal cellars, nothing more has been revealed. However, there’s little doubt that sterling vintage bottles will be selected.