Whatever you immagine, if it’s feasible with our current technology, you can have it branded Hermés. Well, you can have it if money is no object for you. In this little galley you can see weird objects made sur-mesure for special clients from cars to boat, from bookcase to saddle everything is made with detail and quality in mind and with the ultimate care that only a special brand as Hermés can infuse in its work.

“Hermès was already making bespoke harnesses in 1837, followed by saddles a few years later.Thus it established this original vocation of fashioning unique objects in response to the requests of its clients which it maintains today. Still, there is always one object that Hermès has yet to make: the object or project imagined by a particular individual, the product of their wildest dreams and deepest desires. It could be a bag, suitcase, garment, saddle, piece of furniture, or casing, or perhaps the interior decoration of a boat, a plane or a car. It will be conceived and made to measure specially for them, with the nest materials and surest technique. And, as always, the house designers, artisans and engineers will think and act in unison, in a process of constant dialogue.”