She had the hardest invisible armor ever seen, but he could go through it and see what was inside – not a dark, black shell but a colorful soul, fragile and with eyes made of glass that could give answers to any doubt.
He said: “I can show you what’s inside of you. I can take out every fragment of you that composes your person, and make it live by itself.”
He was so thirsty he had to know what was laying behind them. He was digging in her eyes, and even if she was running away from his gaze, he could see exactly what was in those eyes. That glass was already broken when she realised that he had understood everything of her. He took out every piece, dismembering her soul and making it shine.
Since that moment there was a light around her, a dazzling and blurred light that made her more and more beautiful.
He could see every colour in her, even if she didn’t even have a sock that wasn’t black.
An unknown kind of beauty, as if you discover a new colour that no one ever saw. An astonishing face, lines that he had never seen in his life. A different smile, not with the lips but with the eyes. Every expression that her face made, from the most carefree to the most pained one, was making her the nicest woman on earth.
He reached for her soul, but to make it, it would have been the last thing he would see in his life.
It was already too late, he was now part of her, another fragment of that soul that was eating with the eyes.
He was untroubled even if he was conscious his life was just disappearing, he was at peace with himself because he would be with her forever.