Former rally driver Tonino Tognana shares his excitement for the revival of the historic Italian brand, Isotta Fraschini. Discover the plans for a new hypercar that combines top-tier technology with a rich historical heritage.

Welcome to an exhilarating revelation in the world of competitive cars. In a recent interview, former rally driver Tonino Tognana unveiled plans for the revival of the historic Italian brand, Isotta Fraschini, with a new hypercar ready to race at the highest level.

The Isotta Fraschini project is the result of a collaboration with Giuliano Michelotto, with whom Tognana shared the adventure to be the first to get the first placement  in a rally with a Ferrari  back in 1982. Michelotto, who developed all of Ferrari’s GT competition cars, winning dozens of races and several world championships, is a pillar in the automotive industry and a central figure in this revolutionary adventure.

The new Isotta Fraschini represents the pinnacle of technology in the automotive competition sector. More complex than a Formula 1, this hypercar combines a thermal engine with an electric motor that interacts with the front axle, making the car four-wheel drive beyond a certain speed.

This bold project is led by a team of industry experts, including Claudio Berro, a seasoned motorsports executive handling the strategic and operational aspects, and Carlo Cavicchi, responsible for communication. They’re working hard to finally bring this car to the race, supported by a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians.

Among the key contributors is Alessandro Fassina, who brings vast experience in automotive projects, and Luigi Bindo, the head of the engineering team who began working with Michelotto forty years ago. As Tognana points out, Vector team has already selected its drivers – three British pilots – while Isotta Fraschini is also in the process of selecting a pilot of their own.

The project doesn’t stop here. Alongside the development of the competition hypercar, the team is working on a Track Days model for private individuals who want to enjoy themselves on the track. Moreover, they plan to launch a two-seater hypercar for the road by 2026.

Tognana has a long history of reviving historic Italian brands, as highlighted by his work with Geminiano Cozzi, a tableware porcelain brand from 1765. With the revival of Isotta Fraschini, it seems the future of luxury and automotive innovation is in good hands.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting revolution in the world of motorsport.