Text by: Damiano Iovino
Translation by: Steve Piccolo
Photo and video by: Ann Casarin

Corrado Del Fanti, marketing director of Evo Yachts, narrates the evolution of the tender on the nautical market. No longer just a lifeboat, but a calling card for the owners of mega-yachts, who even when they go for a stroll on dry land want to enjoy a maximum of luxury and technology.

«The market for tenders continues to grow», says the marketing director of Evo Yachts Corrado Del Fanti, «because by now they are not just service launches, but a true extension of the on-board services of yachts that cost tens of millions of dollars. A tender like the Evo 43, more or less 13 meters in length, costs 700,000 euros with full optionals, with a 26-meter terrace you can configure as desired in a few minutes, and is driven with a joystick: simple, like Apple, lots of technology at your fingertips.»

In an era of downsizing no small number of owners have given up 30-meter boats in favor of a tender that can still guarantee high standards of quality and fun. For those who cannot even afford a small indulgence of a few hundred thousand euros, a market of tender rentals is springing up on fashionable beaches: from Ibiza to St. Tropez one day of rental with a skipper can range from 2500 to 5000 euros. Not so much to live like a king for a day.