With the presentation at the Monaco Yacht Show of Tango, the fourth 100-foot to emerge from its shipyard, Wally fully confirms its place as one of the protagonists of worldwide seafaring. Many of the solutions that are now widespread on the world’s most beautiful yachts were developed in the early 1990s for the first Wally yachts created by the founder Luca Bassani Antivari, a visionary who has made his passion for sailing the mission of a lifetime. Wally, for example, was one of the first shipyards to construct tenders of the same quality as the yachts for which they were made. The current fashion is that of “toys,” gadgets to bring on boards to make seagoing life more interesting. «We were the first to equip our yachts with large garages at the stern,» says Bassani, «to carry tenders, jet skis and other amusements. Of course many more gadgets are needed to have fun on a motor yacht – those who love sailing already enjoy themselves just by doing it.» The story of Wally has evolved together with the ups and downs of the world economy: today Bassani sees «a more solid market, because wealth is again becoming a matter of concrete activities, less volatile than the stock market riches of the early 2000s. Growth finally seems to be consolidating; it might be slower, but it will definitely be more lasting.»