Yesterday Robert F Kennedy Jr, founder of Childern’s Health Defense, announced with a Instagram post that today, 57 years after the memorable speech of his uncle “Ich bin ein Berliner” in West Berlin, which denounced the repressions of individual freedom by communist regime, he’d have spoken to the largest crowd in the history of Germany, expecting over one million people in protest against the raise of global surveillance, Bill Gates’s bio vaccine and other anti-Covid-19 international measures and pharmaceutical role. And it is happening actually right now! An impressive number of demonstrators in Berlin is shouting “We Don’t Consent”, “Freedom Not Fear”, “No More Lies We Are Taking Back Our Lives”, “No to Masks in Schools”, and other imperative slogans, without using masks nor respecting social distancing. Only few videos of this unbelievable event have been released online so far because of local authorities’s internet restrictions. Let’s see what will happen next.

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Berlin, Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin!

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Cover image: John F Kennedy’s Speech “Ich bin ein Berliner”, West Berlin, June 26, 1963