by Felicia Boettcher

Holiday, Sun, Golf, Amazing Cuisine, Party, Art, Culture but above all “Home”! Those are the words that come into my mind when I think about Marbella. The Costa del Sol has not been my home for all my life, to be honest I lived there only for two years, but when I think about it today it is the place that I associate the most with happiness and feeling at Home. I would like to share the love I have for this place, so this is my very personal “marbella-guide”!


As a devoted foodie, I’m always searching for a delicious yet healthy meal. Looking for a healthy lunch, you must check out Organic Market & Food and in winter the Fresh Food Café for their incredible Veggie Soups. I’m still dreaming of their Tomato, Plum soup that that comes with delicious gluten free garlic bread. But, unfortunately the soups are only on their winter menu. Luckily Organic Market & Food is open all year round. My standard order is their exquisite Salmon Tartar with an Asiatic spin. On a hungry day you might later order one of the best Curries you have ever tasted. I would describe it as a mix between an Indian Masala curry and a red Thai curry. It comes either with Chicken or prawns, accompanied by delicious whole grain rice. To round up, I suggest the Super Rich Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, where simply the name says it all.

Organic Food & Market

Fresh Food Cafè

For an early-relaxed dinner on the beach Macaao is the perfect choice. Macaao is a Belgium Beach Club that is run by the delightful Michele Dhondt. The cuisine is impeccable and the restaurant lies charmingly on the beach of San Pedro (10 min away from Marbella). If you ever go there, be sure to ask for the Sea Bass with Grapefruit, Caviar tomatoes, Veggie Puré and other vegetables. It might not be on the card but they normally have all ingredients to prepare it – and it’s delicious!

Macaao Beach Club

Just next to Macaao there is another Beach Club, with a terrace that has one of the most beautiful views on the coast. The El Ancla, is a real insider tip as it is the preferred spot of the locals. Enjoying a spectacular seafood Paella or simply a freshly caught fish in salt crust while trying to spot dolphins swimming by is the epitome of holiday.

El Ancla

The Puente Romano Hotel is always a good idea if you are looking for a fancy dinner. They recently renovated the whole place and it now features 9 different restaurants. Most of them are located around an open air chill-out lounge where usually a life band is playing.

Puente Romano Hotel

Here we have the two Michelin Stared Restaurant of chef Dani Garcia. Last time he left me speechless, with his tapas menu of 27 courses – a pure firework of tastes.

Dani Garcia

Bibo the more affordable (yet still pricy), restaurant of Dani Garcia, is just next next door. It is a great restaurant, with amazing interior design where massive octopus Tentacles or whale fins emerge from the walls. The food is also delicious. The scallops in an almond sauce and the Iberia pork, are my favourites. Just note that they don’t guarantee you a table outside on the terrace even if you reserved.


Let me also recommend you two other restaurants around this place. The Thai Gallery, a high class asiatic restaurant and UNI, a delicious Japanese. UNI has opened recently and i was really surprised by their excellent food and service.

Thai Gallery


Staying in the hotel, if you walk down to the beach, you find another restaurant called Sea Grill. The restaurant with its sizeable terrace is located just at the “Golden Mile”, with a stunning view on the sea. I would recommend to go for the lunch buffet (it might not be every day). This is not any kind of Buffet! Besides other delicious foods they serve unlimited Lobster and Cray Fish.

Sea Grill

For all the meat lovers, I would send you to Vovem. It is located on a little square just above Puerto Banus and they literally have the best meat. To make up your mind you can see the whole racks in their vitrine, which gives you the possibility to choose the one that inspires you the most. I ate my best “Chuleton” there. The rest of the card is very Spanish but also absolutely delicious.

Vovem Asador

Last but not least the newest attraction of Puerto Banus, La Sala in the Sky. As the name might suggest, its a restaurant literally in the sky. This is how it works; A platform is pulled up in the sky with secured seats, a show chef and your waiter giving you the possibility to enjoy your dinner above the clouds.  Once your up, on the one side you have a spectacular view over the glazing sea and on the other side you see the beautiful lights of the city. If your not afraid of heights La Sala in the Sky is a must!

La Sala in the Sky

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