Icon of Italian silver jewelry of the 90s, the brand Pianegonda embarks on a new aesthetic direction deeply rooted in the contemporary. Pianegonda dedicates its inventiveness to those who incessantly crave new forms of beauty and expressive freedom. A constant stylistic flow permeated with a modern and bold language, narrating stories of inclusivity, autonomy, and self-awareness

What was the epic creation that brought Pianegonda to glory?

It wasn’t a single object, but rather their brilliance in promoting maximalist jewelry, with imposing and voluminous design. It’s a piece crafted with artisan mastery, attention to detail, and thorough research.

Is Pianegonda a family affair?

Absolutely, yes. My father Lanfranco Bellaggia acquired it in 2016, and since then, it took years of study to fully understand the brand’s identity. We examined the various collections, their distinctive DNA, and brought it into the present, keeping it abreast of the times.

Considering that Pianegonda jewelry almost embraces the body with its unique anatomy, is the choice of appointing Betony Vernon as artistic director controversial?

I’ve never had doubts about Betony; I trust her abilities deeply. She brought her entire heritage and talent, seamlessly merging her DNA with the brand’s.

Pianegonda jewels (Photo of Leonardo Puccini)
Pianegonda bracelets (Foto di Leonardo Puccini)
Pianegonda bracelets (Photo of Leonardo Puccini)
Pianegonda bracelet (Photos of Leonardo Puccini)

How’s it going with the Middle East? What are your relations with that region?

Since taking over the brand relatively recently, our priority has been establishing a strong presence in Italy. We’re now expanding abroad, but we haven’t started distribution in the Middle East yet.

Was introducing gold into the collections a strategic move for Pianegonda, considering it’s such a sought-after and precious material?

It was a fascinating process, although currently, the gold line is considered a capsule collection, with a limited number of pieces but of the highest quality. We’re gradually expanding this offering.

Are there any insights we can have into Pianegonda’s future?

The innovation will involve creating products that are both genderless and more geared towards the male audience, addressing the growing demand in this sector, particularly evident in Generation Z. We’re committed to meeting the needs of this young and diverse audience.