‘Mysterium Coniunctionis’ by Maurizio Barberis

“The Platonic myth says, in the Symposium, about the perfect being, the Androgynous, which, at the beginning of history, embodied in a single figure the two halves of man. Expression of an angelic nature, the myth of the Androgynous returns under an hermetic way in the search of the alchemists, who consider the coincidence of opposites as the final phase of the work of alchemy, that leads to the establishment of re-bis (the double thing), the lapis philosophorum. Closer to our sensibilities and culture, Carl Gustav Jung gives to the myth a power of synthesis, through the overcoming  of the personal unconscious and the ego reunion with the universal soul, what the Hindus call brahman, represented in ‘traditional Hindu iconography from the union of Shiva and Shakti”. (Maurizio Barberis)