Elena Salmistraro is a versatile artist with an innovative mind, a paradigm designer with an highly creative soul. Her professional journey started in 2009 when she founded Alko studio with architect Angelo Stoli, followed by the launch of her own fashion and design label Alla’s. From this moment on, she started working as a designer, artist and illustrator for brands, such as Seletti , Yoox, NasonMoretti , Bosa , Texturae , Massimo Lunardon and many more. Moreover, she was among the protagonists of the last Milano Design Week  Salmistraro is featured in ” W Women in Italian Design ” ninth edition of the Triennial Design Museum at the Milan Triennial from April 2 to September 12, 2016. Her works range from different productions to material studies, as well as studies in style and conceptualism. From the lamps designed for Seletti to the interesting wallpapers for Texturae, each one of her project describes a strong and highly creative personality, inspired by dreams and full of joie de vivre.

Text by: Luca Manzoni
Images: Elena Salmistraro

Wallpapers for Texturae
Elena Salmistraro’s art for “W Woman in Italian Design”