by Felicia Boettcher

There are several excellent hotels that I can recommend to you. First of all, the Hotel that I have been mentioning most so far, Puente Romano. It might not have the most beautiful rooms but you are defiantly in the leisure-center.

Puente Romano Hotel

The Neighbor Hotel is Marbella Club. This is the oldest and most renown Hotel, where Marbella began under the lead of Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe. It sure has kept its old charm.

Marbella Club Hotel

If you are searching for a more economic solution but still want to be by the sea, I can only recommend Gualdamina Hotel. Its located 10 minutes from Marbella.

Gualdamina Hotel

However, I would always advise you to check out Air B&B as on such a holiday, where your out and about all day, you might be better off with and apartment or holiday house.

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