by Felicia Boettcher

When speaking about nightlife in Marbella one has to know that the real Clubs start getting full at 3am. This makes the evening planning a tad more difficult, as you need to find a great place to pre-party. There are a couple of options: 

If you went for dinner at the Puente Romano Hotel you might just stay there in the marokene inspired pre-club Suite.

Suite Club

Another option might be to have dinner in Mosh Fun Kitchen or La Sala. Both are restaurants, located above Puerto Banus, that turn into a bar later on. La Sala, the more English of both options, features everyday life music. Check the events happening at La Sala, because if your lucky you might even catch some bands like the “Gypsy Kings” playing. Mosh fun kitchen with its wonderful terrace is the new  IN-place. Its Branding has be done by Cool and Marbelous, the marketing and communication agency run by the “cool kids”. I’m personally good friends with them, and let me tell you so far, all of their projects have been a total success.

Mosh Fun Kitchen

La Sala

Another place I like to pre-drink is Pangea. This pre-club is located right in the harbour in Puerto Banus and is has a rooftop with stunning views over the whole harbour and the sea. Its a nice alternative as you are in Puerto Banus, which in the summer month is always packed. You might describe Puerto Banus as the place to see and be seen.


If you just want to have a drink, Astral Cocteleria, also located in Puerto Banus, is a good option. The more low key place is designed as a ship wreck, the cocktails are delicious, prepared with fresh fruits and its the perfect place to just have a drink over a good conversation.

Astral Cocteleria


When its finally 2am and you are likely thinking about what club to go to next, there are two major options to go. The little more sophisticated,Olivia Valère or my all-time favourite Funky Buddah, where the locals hang out. But make sure to get informed about the DJs playing in the summer time. Almost all famous Ibiza Dj’s come for a night to Marbella during the summer and if you catch one of their performances you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Olivia Valère

Funky Buddah

There is a third option, Cavalli Club, in Puerto Banus. I have personally never been, but from what I heard it has great potential – especially if you are in the Puerto Banus area and don’t want to take a taxi. They have a great lineup for the summer!  To give you an idea, just this week on Thursday the 28th July Steve Aoki will be playing and Sunday the 31st July Rick Ross will be turning the place upside down.

Cavalli Club 

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