Maui Jim and Red Bull unveil an extraordinary three-year partnership, merging the realms of style and performance, through vibrant and courageous sunglasses. 

Words Alberto Chiurato-Ranzi


This awaited partnership seeks to harmonize the excellence of Maui Jim sunglasses—providing unparalleled clarity of vision and vivid colors—with the unbridled energy and enthusiasm epitomized by Red Bull in the realm of extreme sports and entertainment. The mission is to disseminate PolarizedPlus2 technology to an ever-expanding audience and elevate the experiences of fans, athletes, and enthusiasts through a diverse array of activities, spanning from event participation to the creation of breathtaking content.

With a particular emphasis on disciplines such as skateboarding and water sports, Maui Jim assumes the role of a partner in electrifying pursuits, seamlessly integrating sports, adventure, and eyewear. Encounters and challenges await participants, celebrating the dynamic ethos of these sports and captivating both athletes and spectators alike.

Maui Jim, renowned as the foremost authority in polarized sunglasses, owing to its unmatched PolarizedPlus2 technology, and Red Bull, synonymous with energy and audacity in extreme sports and entertainment, converge not only in shared values but also in an unwavering dedication to the excellence of their respective products and services. It is this shared dedication that propels them into collaboration, with the collective objective of fusing outstanding performance with unmistakable style.

This dynamic interplay between Maui Jim and Red Bull transcends mere commercial collaboration—it is a fusion of worlds, experiences, and values, engendering an unparalleled synergy that beckons all to explore. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary fusion of style, innovation, and adventure, destined to redefine the nexus between sports and sunglasses.