Text by Diletta Accorroni

On the last 10th  December, the most famous apparel company and global leader in jeanswear launched a exceptional collection composed by five imperfect versions of its iconic 501 Jean. Now that all of us are eagerly chasing for something that makes us feel special, highlighting our distinctive features and personality, a vintage-tasting pair of jeans with its own additional twist does fit perfectly. It is of course about present and future, but also linked to Levi’s past and its deepest roots. The project, named Perfect Imperfections, takes inspiration from all those pair of jeans dated 1940s, that the American brand now tried to replicate.

Imperfect, ergo beautiful_Vintage_Levi's_FW21_The Perfection of Imperfection_1940

All of these jeans were a unique creations, particularly beautiful because of their exclusive imperfections. The main factor which had led to this is represented by the wartime inconsistencies, which obviously had an impact on the Levis’ jeans production. During the wartime, shortages involved fabrics, threads and metals but considering that Americans were in need of clothes, the company kept on producing them.

Imperfect, ergo beautiful_Vintage_Levi's_FW21_The Perfection of Imperfection_1940

The results are visible on elements such as pockets – with missing red tabs and with extra ones – or sundries in many materials – some of  which branded, while some others not. Fabrics are different too, representing the random scraps of textile used on the original 501s at that time. Furthermore, considering that threads were rationed during the war, all of the original 1940s Levi’s jeans had printed arcuate stitching on the back pockets. That’s why, in the Perfect Imperfections collection, too those printed arcuates have been accurately recreated, in all their variations.

Last but not least, to make this being 100% a special edition, only 501 pairs of jeans have been dropped, worldwide. They are available on Levi.com, but also in a few selected Levi’s stores and wholesalers.