Pininfarina Architeture and Patrick Tuttofuoco in collaboration at MAN in Nuoro

In a context where the MAN of Nuoro dedicates an entire year to the fusion of art and architecture, emerging from the tribute to the Odessa steps and the workshops with the architecture universities of Cagliari, Alghero, and Palermo, an innovative project comes to life specifically designed for museum spaces.

The exhibition titled “Il Resto dell’Alba” (The Rest of the Dawn) originates from a theoretical discussion between the artist Patrick Tuttofuoco, the curator and museographer Maddalena d’Alfonso, and the architect Giovanni de Niederhäusern, vice president of Pininfarina Architettura. This immersive work interprets the frontier of the virtual, giving physical form to digital hypertechnology.

The artistic environment is conceived as an experiential space generated through virtual prototyping tools. Here, space and audience integrate and activate each other, tracing the time of art. On one side, historical time is ideally represented by a Nuragic sculpture, an eternal symbol of our origins. On the other side, future, digital time is embodied by the incorporeal and auroral imaginary of the light of a double sun, a classic iconography of the rising sun, a hope for a radiant future, an allegory of regeneration, and a new sense of human habitation on Earth.

This concept underlies a utopian design, a work traversable in an allegorical journey where the experience is sublimated into the dimension of the symbol.

The environment, designed with parametric generative design tools, is entirely made of aluminum cut using the mesh clustering technique, optimizing material usage, CNC production, and dry assembly. This choice allows the disassembly of the work at the end of the exhibition and the reuse of the material in the recycling chain. The double sun, a composite object composed of the incipient sphere and its double, presents itself as a visual short circuit on the source of light and heat.

Pininfarina Architecture MAN Nuoro

The exhibition promotes a dialogue between art, architecture, and museography, offering the audience a personal experience crystallizing a state of anticipation, a suspended time. The visitor, in this digital museum landscape, perceives the fascination and discomfort of being too close to the sun. A sensation that stimulates reflection on current issues, from climate change to design for waste reduction and responsible resource use.

The MAN advocates for sharing on fundamental topics, from social sustainability to inclusion. The exhibition, in this auroral place, raises fundamental questions about the relationship between existence in the digital world and physical presence, the design of inclusive spaces, and awareness of contemporary issues for the construction of a sustainable future.

In the context of this collaboration, Pininfarina, a global icon of Italian style, demonstrates its unparalleled ability to create timeless works based on Technology and Beauty. Founded in Italy in 1930, Pininfarina has offices worldwide and excels in industrial design, transportation, interior architecture, and automotive design. The exhibition at NUoro is a chance to collaborate with the well renown Italian artist Patrick Tuttofuoco. Tuttofuoco, born in Milan in 1974, emerges as an artistic figure engaging with the environment and community. His artistic practice explores notions of community and social integration, combining sensory attraction with profound theoretical responses. Tuttofuoco blends Modernism and Pop, pushing the figurative into the abstract, using man as the paradigm of existence. His work has been exhibited in various institutions and recognized internationally.

The project, led by the Pininfarina Architettura team, includes Giovanni de Niederhausern, Gianni Giuffrida, Simona Penna, Marco Caprani, Giuseppe Conti, Alessandro Mimiola, Silvia Sereno Regis, and Giacomo Andreolli.

Pininfarina Architecture MAN Nuoro