Mick Rock the great photographer from the ’70s’, the one and only, the one that shot the most famous rock- stars of the time, is now featuring on Gucci latest cruise campaign (as mentioned on Fashion-Beauty).
Born in the U.K., resides now in the U.S. in N.Y.C..
We don’t need too much writings to describe Mick Rock.
His vision of music and lifestyle of the greatest rockstars is memorable, and his photos are full of glamour and meanings, and after producing many album covers , is now working on a T.V. serial.
Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock
There is a complex algorithm that applies to bio-documentaries about photographers, so it’s a treat to feast on these iconic images and here the stories behind them, although Rock is so laconic and hippy-dippy about his craftsmanship it ends up doing something of a disservice to his artistry and undermines the case for why we should watch a movie about him, especially since the later work is less starry and less engaging.
A more interesting personal element is injected through coverage of the heart attacks and medical trouble he experienced later in life, due to a surfeit of illegal drugs.

Mick Rock, photographer, David Bowie
Mick Rock, photographer, Queen
Mick Rock, photographer, Debby Harry
Mick Rock
Mick Rock
Mick Rock, David Bowie
Mick Rock, Queen
Mick Rock, Debby Harry
Mick Rock, Lou Reed
Mick Rock, Lou Reed
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