Erdem fashion show is a tribute to Maria Callas


As we delve into the Autumn Winter 24 season, we find ourselves transported back to 1953, a pivotal moment in theatrical history marked by Maria Callas’s legendary portrayal of Medea. The atmosphere was electric as Callas transcended mere performance, embodying the character with such intensity that the lines between reality and myth blurred into oblivion. It was a spectacle of unparalleled power, where disbelief was suspended and the audience was spellbound.

In this evocative exploration, Erdem draws inspiration from this transcendent moment, delving into the delicate balance between myth and reality, both on and off the stage. Exploring the nuances of identity and transformation, Erdem’s garments reflect the duality of persona and self, blending elements of sorcery and seduction with a modern twist.

Maria Callas herself emerges as a central figure in this narrative, her commanding presence and otherworldly talent casting a spell that transcends time and space. Born in America but deeply rooted in her Greek heritage, Callas’s journey was one of constant upheaval and displacement. Despite her international fame, she grappled with a profound sense of longing for a place to call home, a sentiment echoed in the raw emotion and yearning of her voice.

Much like the character of Medea, Callas’s life was marked by tragedy and upheaval. Despite her undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence, she remained a nomad, never quite finding solace or belonging. Her retirement in 1965 marked the end of an era, as she retreated from the public eye and ultimately passed away alone in Paris in 1977. Yet, her legacy endures, a testament to the enduring power of art and the human spirit.

As Erdem pays homage to Maria Callas and the timeless allure of Greek mythology, we are reminded of the eternal themes of passion, pain, and vengeance that continue to resonate through the ages. Just as Callas’s ashes were returned to Greece, scattered in the Aegean Sea, her spirit lives on in the echoes of her voice and the memories of her transcendent performances.