It is almost Halloween but you don’t have any ideas for your costume? Let you get inspired by some runaway creepy looks!

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

Glamorous Gothic

Over the knee boots, double belts, corsets and finally sexy elbow-length gloves, obviously all made of black leather… these are the perfect accessories for a gothic outfit that winks to the bondage. Get a look at Ann Demeulemeester Fall Winter Collection, inspired by Mary Shelly’s tales, and match these strong pieces with a tulle see-through bodysuit for a more glamorous touch.

The Phantom of the Opera

If you are going through a more theatrical look, Gucci Fall Winter Collection is just right for you! Loose your self in the Opera Theatre’s subterraneans and perform a modern version of the phantom Erik, main character of “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux. All you have to do is to wear a long transparent paillette dress with, of course, a wool ski mask that covers up your face. 

And if you prefer the soprano Christine, opt for a long velvet black dress, that could, in red color, transform you also in a theatre curtain.

Eco Witch

If your budget is not so big you can look at Gypsy Sport Fall Winter Collection. A very creative idea for a sexy eco witch costume is to made a dress using cans or aluminium caps or to tear up that jersey top you don’t like anymore. In both cases the result is a very hot costume that reveals much more it would. For a more macabre effect don’t miss contact lenses and black lipstick.

Shining Alien

A piton trench and tiny sunglasses are what you need for an Halloween costume inspired by Matrix characters. Like Alexander Wang Fall Winter Collection turn yourself into a very feminine alien that loves shades of black but doesn’t shy away from glitter too. The important thing is to choose angular shapes to seem less human and more robotic.