Silk satin slip dress CELINE
Esther Mc Gregor
Classique black long strap bag and ava triomphe bag in smooth calfskin CELINE
Silk shirt, Margaret jeans in dark union wash, suede fringes boots in calfskin, lurex scarf CELINE
Silk dress, Lyra triple buckle boots in calfskin, Abbey belt in calfskin CELINE
Silk shirt, cashmere three buttons vest, newspaper bag in calfskin CELINE
Vanilla shirt, suede fringes boots in calfskin CELINE
Fully embroidered dress in georgette CELINE
Fully embroidered dress in georgette, Lyra triple buckle boots in calfskin CELINE
Silk satin slip dress, Abbey belt in calfskin CELINE

Words Soraya Amskal

What has been your experience in the fashion world thus far, and how did you begin your career? In addition to fashion, do you have any other interests or passions you would like to explore in the future?
I’m not sure I’d call my involvement in fashion a career but more of an experience. I started out when I was about 17. I was asked to be in a Fendi campaign with my big sister Clara. From then on it was little shoots here and there as I was very focused on school and my acting career. When i moved to New York when I was 19 I started getting more involved with fashion and found it to be my way into the world of design and art. While modeling is not something that I wanted or craved I found a desire to explore the world of clothes and artistry that takes place within that atmosphere.

You mentioned feeling more confident in androgynous clothing. How does your choice of clothing influence your self- confidence? Recently you’ve explored into music, how has this new passion influenced or intersected with your approach to fashion and style?
Clothing is super important to me. After struggling with body image issues throughout high school I found it to be a huge comfort when I wore what I wanted. To be honest it changes day to day even moment to moment. I like comfortable clothes that are unique whatever that may be. Music for me started much earlier in my life. I started making and writing music when I was twelve. Music is my safe space as well. Sort of similar to clothes I find it to be an escape from my reality or a way to face it all head on. I’m not sure if this is making any sense, but I don’t think my music has influenced my style at all. They are both creative outlets for me that I truly rely on a daily basis.

Can you tell us more about your experience with writing music and how it relates to your artistic expression?Writing music has always been something for my soul. Something fun, therapeutic and transporting. It’s been a way for me to filter through and understand myself, my thoughts, my interactions and relationships. When I was graduating high school I had the opportunity to make music more of a career and I luckily shut that down and held it close to my heart instead. I think it’s important for me to keep it separate from money, separate from labels and due dates and everything that would make me hate it.

In a recent interview, you mentioned having anxiety as a child and using stories as a means of escape. How has your passion for storytelling helped you manage anxiety?
Ever since I was little I had my nose in a book. I would sneak extra hours of reading past my bed time as this took me out of my head leaving my anxious thoughts behind. This want to create that for others as well, create art and worlds of escapism translated into almost every creative outlet I have. Acting is story telling, writing music, poetry, tattooing. It’s been manifested in every aspect of my life. To this day I still escape with books, movies, songs, and poetries, all of those lead me to create my own.


COLLECTIBLE DRY SPECIAL CELINE Starring: Esther Mc Gregor. Image Jason Renaud. Director D/P: Matthieu Lange. Style Shiva Mizani. Production CATTURA PRODUCTION. Set Designer: Taylor Venegas. Producer: Federico Morgantini. Make Up: Robert Rumsey. Hair: Ericka Verrett. Casting: Eli Romanova. Production Assistant: Blue Achenbach. Lighting Tech: Hannah de Vrie. Photo Assistant: Anya Gta. Styling Assistant: Casey Comfort.