Crafting timeless style by embracing craftsmanship, uniqueness, circular innovation, and heritage in Herno Relife


At the core of Herno’s longstanding commitment to sustainability lies a project that revives Italian artisanal artistry and the textile tradition of Ratti Spa, a world-leading company in the creation of high-quality fabrics. Thus, was born the Herno Relife project, an initiative that transforms and breathes new life into Herno garments from past seasons, while preserving their style and function. Craftmanship, uniqueness, circularity and heritage are the values shared by Herno Spa and Ratti Spa, two Italian excellence companies, that inspired the creation of this unique project.

A project that took form from 18 iconic models, true staples of Herno’s spring seasons: the trench coat, the blazer, the raincoat, the field jacket, crafted with materials such as high-quality cotton and stretch neoprene. To infuse new life into these creations, Herno has adopted an ancient traditional textile printing technique using planches, a practice still mastered at Ratti. Planches are wooden stamps, finely crafted by artisans, that enable the precise reproduction of designs and decorations. Herno has handpicked 10 of the most representative designs, perfectly in line with the maison’s distinctive style. The “placed” printing, achieved through these planches, allows for the exact reproduction of the design in the same spot on each garment, in all sizes. However, the manual nature of this process imbues each piece with a uniqueness and individuality that transcends serial repetition.

Herein lies the true richness of Herno Relife: in the inseparable union of high-quality Italian craftsmanship and constant innovation. The Herno Relife project comprises only 250 pieces, including both men’s and women’s apparel. These unique pieces will be available exclusively at the Milano, Paris, and Tokyo flagship stores, starting from late March. A unique opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to own a piece of history, meticulously crafted with care and passion according to Italy’s ancient traditions. In a world where sustainability and craftsmanship are increasingly cherished, Herno Relife stands out as a shining example of how environmental respect can perfectly harmonize with the beauty of Italy’s artisanal tradition.