Here we have it. Explore the mesmerizing AI-generated graphics and bold unisex designs in the FW24 MSGM Men’s Collection, captured with Google Pixel 8 technology


In January 2024, the fashion world witnessed yet another groundbreaking revolution as MSGM unveiled its latest creation: the MSGM x Google Pixel collection. A pioneering collaboration between the renowned Italian fashion brand and the technological giant Google, this new line of unisex clothing represents the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence. Presented for the first time during the MSGM Men’s FW24 fashion show, this collection was met with enthusiasm and fascination. The partnership between MSGM and Google Pixel has given rise to a series of unique pieces of clothing, each adorned with extraordinary and innovative graphics, all generated by artificial intelligence. The garments, available both on the MSGM website and in the brand’s flagship stores, represent an unprecedented fusion of technology and style. The bold and dynamic prints, inspired by patterns generated by AI, create a breathtaking visual effect that captures attention and stimulates the mind. But the innovations do not stop there.

The advertising campaign for the MSGM x Google Pixel collection was entirely photographed with the new Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, further highlighting the link between fashion and cutting-edge technology. The images, captured with the extraordinary photographic quality of Pixel devices, convey the energy and bold spirit of the collection in a vivid and engaging way. The MSGM x Google Pixel collection represents an explosion of creativity and innovation, demonstrating how fashion and technology can merge in surprising ways. With pieces that tell a story of the fusion between human artistry and artificial intelligence, this collaboration aims to inspire and amaze, paving the way for a new chapter in the world of contemporary fashion.