The renowned A PICK GALLERY  is gearing up to unveil the extraordinary exhibition by Volga Sisa, titled “Flor Inmortal,” curated by Ghëddo and A PICK GALLERY. The event unveils a unique fusion of contemporary art and Bolivian cultural tradition, offering an intimate and powerful glimpse into the richness of spirituality and folklore

words Emanuela Zini

The title “Flor Inmortal,” translated as “immortal flower” in Spanish from the Quechua language “sisa,” embodies Volga Sisa’s artistic identity and her vision of resistance in the universal struggles of peoples. The works presented by the artist evoke an eternal vitality, symbolized by the figure of a perennial flower, manifested through an intense combination of materials and iconographic symbols.

Amor Eterno Dettaglio Volga Sisa

In this exhibition, Volga Sisa guides us on a journey through a symbolic universe infused with collective rituals, family memories, and personal experiences. The installations, sculptures, drawings, and tapestries on display offer a profound insight into the female figure, permeated by a magical spirituality that reflects the cultural roots of Bolivia.

Born in La Paz in 2001, Volga Sisa brought her talent to Turin after completing high school in 2020, now continuing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her artistic practice focuses on social and intimate ruptures, rooted in Bolivian and pre-Columbian culture, using fabric as an emblem of care and family, aiming to restore value to often overlooked concepts.

Volga Sisa Amor Salud libertad

The exhibition, part of a broader program of shows curated by Ghёddo, promotes collaboration between artists and contemporary art spaces in Turin, sponsored by the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and the City of Turin, with the support of the Venesio Foundation.

About Ghёddo:

Active in Turin since 2021, Ghёddo is a curatorial collective composed of Olga Cantini, Rachele Fassari, Davide Nicastro, Marta Saccani, and Barbara Ruperti, dedicated to promoting emerging art through cultural projects that foster cooperation and human, ethical, and artistic exchange among artists, galleries, and independent spaces in the area.

Where: A PICK GALLERY, via Bernardino Galliari 15/C, 10125 Turin, Italy