A Symphony of Elegance: Capturing Reflections at the Crossroads of Tradition, Modernity, and Pasolinian Nostalgia


Amidst the sun-kissed sands and the rhythmic lull of the waves, a young man stands as a striking contrast to the tranquil beachscape. Dressed in impeccable attire, he exudes an air of timeless elegance against the backdrop of the azure sea. In each frame, he gazes pensively into the horizon, his expression a mixture of introspection and quiet determination. It is as if he stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, embodying a sense of nostalgia for a past he never knew, yet also embracing the possibilities of the future. In these photographs, there is a reminder that amidst the chaos of modern life, there is still space for reflection, for moments of quiet beauty amidst the waves. Through the lens of the camera, we are invited to contemplate the intersection of past and present, tradition and innovation. His figure becomes a symbol of the timeless quest for meaning and identity, a beacon of hope amidst the uncertainties of our times. As we gaze upon these images, let us embrace the elegance and grace that they evoke. Let us remember the words of Pasolini, who challenged us to seek deeper truths amidst the complexities of our world. In the young man on the beach, we find a reflection of our own search for meaning and purpose, a reminder to embrace the timeless qualities that define us as human beings. So let us linger a moment longer in this scene of quiet contemplation, allowing ourselves to be swept away by the gentle rhythm of the waves. In his poised demeanor, we find a glimpse of elegance amidst the waves, a timeless reminder of the enduring power of style and grace.

Yellow alpaca coat, REHASH.Socks with embroidered logo, ZEGNA.
Long dress, ARNOLDO BATTOIS. Sheer slip, N21. Hat with visor, ROSE A POIS.
Denim jacket, REHASH. Long dress, ARNOLDO BATTOIS
All clothes, ROSE A POIS.
Red leather suit, ROSE A POIS. Silk tie, COURREGES. Loafer in glazed leather, CLONE BY BORDESE.
Denim dress, REHASH. Cowboy hat, MOSCHINO Bold black glasses, CELINE.
Perforated weave shirt, ROSE A POIS. Straight-leg denim pants, REHASH. Wide-brimmed hat, MOSHINO. Bold black sunglasses, CELINE.
Floral patterned blazer, ROSE A POIS. Cotton shirt, DIOR. Silk tie, MARINELLA.
Floral patterned blazer, ROSE A POIS. Cotton shirt, DIOR. Silk tie, MARINELLA.

Photography and Creative Direction, Lorenzo Marcucci. Make Up, Giulia Gaetani. Producer, Claudio Bararbier. Assistant, Matilde Lauretta. Model, Salvatore Schito @major models.