How a jewelry campaign can become through a magical photographer’s lens an ode to beauty and the planet

Edited by: Domenico Costantini and Rebecca Del Vita

Photo by: Arturo Delle Donne

maman et sophie photo by Arturo Delle Donne

It all began in 2008, when Elisabetta Carletti unleashed her creativity with the birth of her daughter Elena Sofia. This change gave her the courage to transform her life.

The overwhelming emotion of becoming a mother for the first time was the main inspiration of her jewelry brand, Maman et Sophie, aimed to celebrate the unbreakable bond between a mother, Elisabetta, and her source of creative inspiration, Sofia. A bond that lasts a lifetime, becoming a statement behind the ageless attitude represented by the delicate forms which are a connection point, and a spiritual, more than a tangible exchange between generations. 

Then, “in 2009, I entered in a world of shapes, colours, materials and stones, that carried within the energy of our Earth“, tells Elisabetta. This is why, after years, the 2021/22 collection is still inspired by the Earth. 

The “maternage“, the physical contact between mother and child and the purpose, that the French psychoanalyst Hélène Stork has defined as “pediatric”, which is to protect and safeguard from all dangers, has to be a source of inspiration for the definition of our relationship with the planet.

We Heart (Earth) – (Victorian Heart Collection)

“We can all do something to ensure a better future for our planet, even in the limited scope of our small daily actions. We do not possess absolute truths and we are aware of the contradictions that, as producers of consumer goods, stand in the way of our intent, but we do not want to give up the goal of raising awareness, exchange ideas and create new ethical and sustainable behaviour for the environment”, Elisabetta Carletti goes on saying.

Le Tigri for “Save Tigers Now” – (Yanez Collection)

The collection 2021/22 supports “Save Tigers Now”, the World Wildlife Fund‘s global campaign. Its goal is to build political, financial and public support for doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022, the year of the tiger.

maman et sophie

Sustainable Pearls – (Labuan Pearls Collection)

The pearls, symbol of defence and acceptance, come from the Sustainable Pearls project, an ambitious project, which aims to carry out a controlled cultivation of oysters and the conservation of marine fauna, particularly in the affected areas of the Pacific Ocean. 

“Ethical” Gold, Green Gold – (Aurum Collection)

There’s a lot of research in the world to make raw materials available that are produced adopting human-ecologically sustainable approaches.

Currently, “ethical gold” is exclusively used by the brand; a recovered gold from old electronic devices, such as computers and phones It is exclusively provided by companies that certify the use of gold extracted with this methodology.

It is also using a type of gold, renamed green. Coming from mining activities with non-invasive techniques and methodologies; without the use of chemicals or explosives, and in harmony with the environment and local communities involved.

“Save the Tiger”: Arturo Delle Donne signs the upcoming campaign of Maman et Sophie

When an alchemy is created between two intellectually stimulating worlds, such aa jewelry design and fine art photography, the result can only be amazing. Here, the encounter took place between Elisabetta Carletti and Arturo Delle Donne, a biologist lent to the universe of art and international photography.

The challenge was to represent the essence of the brand, without losing sight of the photographer’s artistic research, onto the compatible relationship between man and the environment.

Arturo Delle Donne has a consolidated background, in the universe of reportage. He worked for Aqua and National Geographic and has a brilliant career in fashion photography. He shot portraits of personalities such as Bernardo Bertolucci and Gerard Depardieu and he edited campaigns for international brands. 

Arturo Delle Donne’s artistic photography is on the other hand a researched imagery, made above all of the details of a fantastic yet realistic small world that he recreates in his studio. 

The main thematic is man and the environment: the biological roots, the environmental contexts in which cultures have developed and differentiated, but first of all the strategies of use of the resources generated by biodiversity. “There is no trace of explicit accusation, much less indignation: a tone of fearful apprehension, of caring and anxious attention prevails”.