AnToNIO MaRrAS Ss 2019 MFW

Video show and backstage Milan Fashion Week

An inspiring portrait of love, beauty, and African nature, framed in weave of historical memories and questions about the past. The collection celebrates Romane Worq, wife of the Ethiopian resistance’s General Beyené Merid who fallen during the final battle with the Italian military. Romane, then, was taken prisoner and sent to Asinara Island with her four sons. 

In the book, “The Fault of the Mistral” by Patrizia Sardo Marras, released during the show to tell about the story of this creation, Sergio Atzeni’s statement is reported: “Two colors exit in the world and green is the second”. The garments indeed outline green in all its shades, with camouflage tulle and ruffles, parkas and ruffled hats recalling the real of nature. 

A final performance gathers men in underwear which run down the catwalk and hug each other, letting themselves go in a shower with flour bags, as an expression, perhaps, of a bromance. Without any doubt, Marras’ message is love without boundaries, without race, history, gender or religion. Just pure, natural, love.

Fashion editor @francesco_vavallo
Video by @simomlcrw

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