Izumi Ogino tell us more about the new Anteprima collection SS24 inspired by a fusion of art and fashion

Text by: Soraya Amskal

ANTEPRIMA’s latest chapter is marked by creative innovations and collaborations. Izumi Ogino, the brand’s creative director, expressed pride in collaborating with leading talents in art and design to stimulate conversations about the future of these industries.
For SS24, Anteprima unveiled a remarkable collaboration with Japanese artist Kei Takemura, known for her installations of photographs, drawings, and embroidered works on transparent fabric. Takemura’s embroidery elevates the ephemeral, breathing life into memories and moments.
Inspired by Takemura’s “Playing Cards – Memories and stories overlaid on playing cards” collection, Izumi Ogino embraced the concept for SS24, titled “GAME ON”, celebrating the playful spirit within us all. Playing cards, with their rich history and symbolism, are a central theme.
Kei Takemura created special works for Anteprima, including the Queen card representing “Female Empowerment” and Anteprima’s core concept of “LOVE.” Takemura’s meticulous hand embroidery breathes new life into these historical cards, blending tradition with contemporary art seamlessly. As an extension of this art, three Wirebag Arts were created, where Takemura applied her extravagant embroidery to Anteprima’s iconic Wirebag, resulting in a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary art. Anteprima, with its commitment to quality and beauty, continues to thrive in vibrant cities worldwide. Izumi Ogino founded the brand in 1993, offering contemporary elegance and style appreciated in every situation. Designed for confident, joyful, and creative women, Anteprima’s chic collections convey worldly sophistication. Izumi’s unwavering passion for quality and creativity shines through in the brand’s collections and accessories. In summary, Anteprima embraces creativity and collaboration, partnering with artists like Kei Takemura to infuse tradition and contemporary art into their designs.  Izumi Ogino’s commitment to quality and elegance continues to define the brand’s success.

We had the opportunity to take a look at the collection together with the creative director, Izumi Ogino, who shared the journey undertaken with Anteprima.

Dry: Izumi what inspired your new collection, and how did you turn that into the clothes and style?
Izumi Ogino: In this collection we pushed a lot for urban knit wear in witch we are very famous for. The new collection is focused on the game, the new way of 60’. Our collaboration with the artist Kei Katemura reflects the philosophy embraced by our brand: an ancient playing card dating back to 1920 reinterpreted with the addition of new embroidered elements, conveying the sense of transformation of a very classic brand inspired by youthful freshness. We drew inspiration from some Netflix series bringing strong characters into confident attire to navigate the chaotic world of strong, independent, joyful, and light-hearted women.

Dry: Can you tell us about the materials and techniques you used to create this unique collection?
Izumi Ogino:  The subject of this collection and a central point in the brand’s identity is the Knit, which creates a contrast between light and materiality. The design consists of a knitted Lycra lining wrapped around a slightly flattened sphere. We use sustainable materials, then we move on to knitting, and finally, we give it a final hand touch. The slow and detailed work represents the modus operandi of the maison, ensuring a lengthy process that results in the garment’s lasting preservation.

Dry: What messages or feelings do you hope to convey through your clothing and work this season?
Izumi: I really like the sense of differentiation as the underlying principle of ‘recycling,’ in the sense of adapting the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ and finding the right balance between the past and the future. Anteprima is here, in the present. You’ve noticed that the colors of the clothing have changed significantly throughout the various collections This change  has been influenced by our perception of our new audience. Quality and beauty; for us, the process is worth more than the final product; we enjoy conveying through our garments a precision and care that reflect our non-stereotypical culture. Precious with love, that’s the vision.

Dry: How do you think this fusion of fashion and art might influence people’s perception of beauty and individuality.
Izumi: Through fashion, I enjoy portraying the framework of the modern world of art. This fusion of fashion and art can broaden people’s perception of beauty and individuality by encouraging creativity and diverse expressions of personal style. From the Venice Biennale to cinema, Italy continues to inspire me, and through curiosity, I seek to maintain a good balance between the rules of fashion and the world of art

Dry: How did you interpret the theme “Life is a game, and fashion is the ultimate playground” for the “GAME ON” collection?
Izumi: For the “GAME ON” collection, we interpreted the theme “Life is a game, and fashion is the ultimate playground” by infusing a sense of playfulness and creativity into our designs. We aimed to make fashion a fun and expressive outlet for individuals to explore their unique style and personalities. Just as in a game, fashion allows people to experiment, take risks, and express themselves freely. This collection is a celebration of the joy and excitement that can be found in fashion, where everyone can be a player and create their own rules.

Dry: Impressed by the brand’s philosophy, which embraces few but strong principles like a sense of taste and simplicity. A message for women seeking redemption from life, what do you advise?”
Izumi: I suggest to women to accept and embrace life’s contradictions to allow harmony to come within, enjoy life.To flow and remain true to the rhythm.

It was a pleasure chatting with Izumi Ogino as she presented a runway against a white backdrop, accompanied by a young Japanese cellist, where light and confident garments strut at Milan Fashion Week.