On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Pomellato once again joins Jane Fonda and other international activists for the 7th annual video signed Pomellato for Women

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Its urgent message aims to denounce the persistent issue of violence against women, urging us to be “social sentinels” who stand up for change. Worldwide and across every culture, nearly 1 in 3 women has experienced some form of violence, typically from a male partner or family member. With devastating ripple effects, this is a topic that impacts each of us.

The #PomellatoForWomen communication platform was launched in 2017 by Maison CEO Sabina Belli to promote female empowerment and trigger positive change. Pomellato for Women videos advocate for gender equality and inclusivity, encourage sisterhood, and raise awareness about the insidious issue of violence against women.

Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD
Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD

In a diverse cast of fearless activists, celebrities, and campaigners, actress, author, activist, and Pomellato for Women ambassador Jane Fonda is joined by Lucy Hale, American actress and mental health advocate, Jesse Williams, American actor and activist, Lucia Annibali, Italian lawyer, advocate for marginalized women, and former victim of an acid attack, Amina Seck, Italo-Senegalese model and former victim of domestic violence, Andréa Bescond, French author, director, actress, and survivor of abuse at a young age, Kulsum Shadab Wahab, philanthropist and director of an Indian foundation, advocate for marginalized groups, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Italian swimming champion, and Fabio Roia, President of the Milan Court, longstanding defender, researcher, and educator on the issue of domestic violence, to discuss why domestic violence continues to prevail despite our efforts towards greater equality and representation, and what we can do about it.

In the video, Jane Fonda addresses the issue of domestic violence and how it remains such a persistent problem, emphasizing that “men are not born wanting to perpetrate violence against women.” Gregorio Paltrinieri echoes this sentiment, adding that “asserting one’s masculinity has nothing to do with violence.” However, Lucy Hale points out that “1 in 3 women is a victim of some form of violence, and children who grow up exposed to violence are more likely to become violent themselves.” Jesse Williams suggests: “Violence against women is a problem of men… men need to keep an eye on other men.” Lucia Annibali reminds us that “silence is not an option, our voice is crucial for real change.” Andréa Bescond adds that “the starting point is how we educate our boys and girls.” Amina Seck urges us by stating that “it’s a fight that concerns us all.” Fabio Roia offers his advice for bringing about change: “We all need to be social sentinels.” Kulsum Shadab Wahab concludes by stating that ending violence against women is not only our duty but “it’s our future.”

Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Sabina Belli Pomellato CEO
Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Sabina Belli Pomellato CEO

Sabina Belli, the creator of the motto “Pomellato, caring for women since 1967,” participates in the video as an influential voice, as she has been dedicated to causes concerning women since her appointment as CEO of Pomellato in 2015. The CEO explains the reasons behind the theme of Pomellato for Women 2024, stating that “violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights. It is a crime. Every day we hear about these unacceptable cases of violence, which leads us to question why. Why is it a universal problem? It happens in all cultures, religions, social classes, and historical periods that women are much more often than men victims of psychological, economic, or sexual violence. This question must find an answer soon, in order to identify the roots of the problem and remedy it. It is a theme that impacts each of us. Everyone has a role to play as a ‘social sentinel,’ in order to break the silence, believe in women, and promote change in society.”

Once again this year, Pomellato actively participates in the fight against domestic violence by supporting various associations, such as CADMI, the Women’s Shelter for Abused Women in Milan, and a refuge for victims of violence. Additionally, Pomellato supports the Kering Foundation’s partner FreeFrom, based in Los Angeles, an organization that contributes to creating the foundation for long-term financial security for survivors of domestic violence. Finally, in solidarity with Pomellato for Women’s advocate, the Maison will also contribute to the Hothur Foundation of Kulsum Shadab Wahab, aiding differently-abled and disadvantaged individuals with initiatives focused on education, infrastructure, medicine, and psychological support.

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Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Lucy Hale
Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Lucia Annibali
Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Kulsum Shadab Wahab
Pomellato For Women 2024 IWD Jesse Williams
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Pomellato For Women_2024 IWD_Lucy Hale
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