An Italian Partnership Celebrating Nature, Culture, and Adventure

In the heart of Italy, a unique partnership is taking shape, bringing together functional clothing and a love for nature and culture. The Italian company “8848 The Outdoor Companyg” has recently announced an extraordinary collaboration with the “Touring Club Italiano” (TCI), a union born from shared deep values.
The partnership, officially launched at the end of September, focuses on discovering the often-hidden beauty of picturesque Italian villages, emphasizing nature and culture. The core of this collaboration is the goal of getting to know Italy better through a wide range of clothing and accessories offered by 8848 The Outdoor Company, tailored to every itinerary.

The Touring Club Italiano, a non-profit organization is dedicated to responsible tourism, promoting culture, and protecting the environment.
This partnership aims to celebrate authentic places where art, nature, good food, sustainability, and hospitality reflect the culture of the region. Three distinct itineraries will be created to unveil Italy’s most authentic identity, focusing on destinations awarded the “Bandiera Arancione,” the prestigious tourist-environmental recognition given by TCI to small inland towns in Italy. Places like Sappada, Limone Piemonte, and Chiavenna will become the settings for the “8848 Trails Experience” planned by the brand.

8848 The Outdoor Company presents itself as the ideal travel companion for all families, offering a selection of functional, reliable, versatile, and affordable clothing, perfect for nature walks, mountain activities, or simply exploring villages and towns.

Lara Plutino, Brand Marketing Manager of 8848 The Outdoor Company, says, “The birth of 8848 The Outdoor Company was motivated by the desire to offer cutting-edge products for outdoor activities, perfect for family trekking and open-air exploration. We strongly believe in sharing the natural beauty, with a strong sense of belonging to the region and the environment in which we operate.
This fusion of fashion and adventure offers new opportunities to explore and appreciate the beauty of Italy, encouraging a love for nature and culture through clothing and exploration.