Drip-lab is powered by Another-1 and Olmetex, two companies with innovation at their core that have joined forces on a mission to give value to the best art and all the possibilities it can generate to create new masterpieces that can cross over the classic borders of mixed media projects


For the first step of the project, it saw the four writers bring their creative style to a giant WALL – 100 meters total – in the HQ of the technical textiles company Olmetex. The result is two incredible murals, each with its own story.

Thanks to the phygital language, the wall decomposed into 1470 NFTs will land directly in the virtual world.

For its latest venture, the multidisciplinary collective presented a graffiti collection entitled “THE WALL.” In collaboration with local graffiti artists Zoow24, Trane, Schiche and Shek, the four took their spray paint from the street to the side of the Olmetex factory in Milan to create two unique works of art. Inspired by the erosion of street art, the 66×7-meter mural is decorated with their unique aesthetic and serves as a reminder of the changing landscape of the art world. In addition to the physical installation, “THE WALL” is also immortalized through an NFT collection that includes three digital characters: “Pizza Monster” and “Cigarette Pack” by Zoow24, as well as the latest “The Spary Can” by DRIP-LAB. To celebrate the launch, Another-1 has created an animated short film, shot by Design Accelerator, that highlights the collection’s characters as protagonists. Speaking about the concept of decentralization and the latest DRIP-LAB project, Another-1 CEO Marco Stagliano explains, “Creating a phygital (digital + physical) product allows for an extended user experience.” He continues, “Together with Olmetex, we have created the real representation of this interaction between the physical and virtual worlds.” Another-1’s DRIP-LAB project is launched today. For more information and to get the whitelist for the collection, visit the dedicated website.