An onsite project at Unseen Amsterdam, 22-24 September : analogue fashion photography by Zoe Karssen.

The invention of digital photography was predicted to minimise and eventually erase the use of analogue processes. However, the widespread use of digital photography actually resulted in a resurgent interest in analogue methods, especially within the fashion industry. Nothing captures true beauty quite like a picture taken with an analogue camera in its raw and natural form.

Fashion designer Zoe Karssen presents Analogue (Back) In Fashion, a site-specific project headed by established Dutch fashion photographer Paul Bellaart and emerging artist Sophie Van der Perre. Along with a select group of young image makers, the artists are taking photographs on site throughout Unseen Amsterdam using analogue cameras and materials. The photographers will produce images referencing their own interpretations of Zoe Karssen’s brand pillars: carefree, sexy, rock ‘n’ roll, tomboy and mysterious.

The images are processed and printed immediately so that visitors can see the resulting photographs, which are displayed in a constantly-evolving exhibition, offering young image makers the opportunity to showcase their work and engage with a new audience.Read more about this project in Unseen interview with Zoe Karssen:

Read more about this project in Unseen interview with Zoe Karssen: #4 In Conversation with Zoe Karssen


Unseen Amsterdam 
Onsite Projects
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

Photo: Zoe publication issue 01 © Zoe Karssen