Entitled ‘My Friend Magnus’, the new book published in a limited edition by Acne Studios and designed by creative director Jonny Johansson offers a glimpse into the fashion archive of his long-time friend and source of inspiration for many, Magnus Carlsson


This collaboration stems from the deep-rooted connection between Magnus Carlsson and Acne Studios’ creative director, Jonny Johansson, which began in the 1990s. During their partnership, Carlsson played a pivotal role in shaping Johansson’s vision and aiding in the development of Acne Studios. Notably, Carlsson was instrumental in designing the brand’s showrooms, as well as the canteen and library at Floragatan 13, the headquarters in Stockholm.
“My Friend Magnus” showcases over 200 ensembles carefully curated by Magnus Carlsson, featuring a mix of both past and current Acne Studios pieces. Each outfit is accompanied by a meticulous description, providing a comprehensive understanding of the collection. Adding to the allure of the book, renowned Italian fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento contributes a compelling foreword analyzing the societal impact of fashion.
Jonny Johansson expressed his admiration for Magnus Carlsson, stating, “His dynamic personality, love for literature, and access to reference materials have long served as inspiration for me and have greatly influenced my work. Through this book, I hope to offer a glimpse into the exceptional talent that Magnus possesses.” Johansson also emphasized that “My Friend Magnus” aims to inspire readers to transcend the confines of fashion culture, time, and gender and to push boundaries within themselves.

Acne Studios Collaborates with Magnus Carlsson

“My Friend Magnus” is available now via Acne Studio’s webstore, as well as in selected Acne Studios Stores and Carlsson’s personal favorite bookstores throughout Stockholm, Paris, Tokyo, London, Berlin and New York.