And I think there are people that you’ll always be willing to go back to, for you were made from the same colliding clusters of stars. There are parts of you that are parts of them as well– and that’s what keeps pulling you back in– live gravity


Bandeau bralette, DIOR. Pantaleggings with heels, BALENCIAGA, Brown and white coat with cow print, MILÓ MARIA.
Stretch dress with gloves, ROOM24. Siilk organza bow, CLO DE VILA.
Bralette top, jacket and skirt, BOGDAR. Black boots, PRADA. Yellow tunika dress, TALLER MARMO. Silk scarf, BURBERRY.
Dress, BOGDAR.
Black and white leather trench coats, ESAÚ YORI. Black gloves, MISCREANTS.
Dress with white ruffles and bodypants, MISCREANTS.Flower printed top and pantaleggings, BALENCIAGA.
Cat brooch in pink with pearls embroidery, CLO DE VILA. Pink cut-out dress, RAQUETTE. Silver heels, DOLCE&GABBANA. Flower printed coat, PAUL&JOE. Grey skirt, EDELINE LEE. Flat shoes, PLEIADES.
Velvet bodysuit and dress with gloves, MISCREANTS. Pantaleggings, BALENCIAGA. Stockings, AGENT PROVOCATEUR. Shoes, MANOLO BLAHNIK.
Blouse, SELF-PORTRAIT. Blazer over the chair, trousers and soft wool body with cut-out details in the back, TH/E TIMOTHY HAN. Coat with embroidery, TALLER MARMO. Trousers, GALVAN.
Blazer, EDELINE LEE. Black shirt, PRADA. Paperlight silk action trousers, TH/E TIMOTHY HAN. Shoes, MANOLO BLAHNIK. Fitted coat, TH/E TIMOTHY HAN. Bodysuit, DIOR. Neelde line trouser, BURBERRY. Shoes, RICK OWENS.
White blouse and skirt with crystals, HUISHAN ZHANG. Socks, CALVIN KLEIN. Leather flat shoes, ROCHAS. Bodice and pants, RAQUETTE. Blazer, BURBERRY. Shoes, SAINT LAURENT.

Hair & Makeup KITE CHUANG
Photo Assistant ALEX KIM