Ji Cheng announced a collaboration with COCCINELLE, inspired by tradition but also by transformation. We exchange few words with mr Zhu about the new collection

During the fashion showcase, Ji Cheng announced a collaboration with COCCINELLE, the renowned Italian company known for its stylish leather bags and accessories.
In Milan, Ji Cheng introduced their partnership with COCCINELLE, where they will create genuine leather bags inspired by the iconic Coccinelle models .
The goal of this collaboration is to blend Ji Cheng’s unique design elements and expertise with COCCINELLE’s high-quality materials, creating a fusion of Eastern and Western artistic styles. This special collection will be showcased in the International Parallel Exhibition of Bazaar Design Awards during Milan Fashion Week’s “Future Home” theme exhibition. It’s a show funded by some political leaders we had the opportunity to meet. They came to Milan to provide a space and an opportunity for visionary designers to express themselves, allowing them to celebrate the beauty of Asian culture through modern and chic clothing, all supported by an exceptional team.
We had the opportunity to attend the fashion show and, in particular, to interview one of the political leaders of the show, Mr. Zhu Weiming.

Dry Mr. Zhu, it’s a pleasure to finally have you here. We’d like to ask you some questions about the brand’s identity, but first, What  do you think about the similarities and differences between Shanghai and Milan in the field of fashion?
Mr Zhu  The similarities and differences between Shanghai and Milan in the field of fashion can be fascinating. Both are cities with a strong tradition in the fashion industry and play a prominent role on the international scene. Milan is often considered one of the world’s fashion capitals, with a particular focus on luxury fashion and high-quality design. Shanghai, on the other hand, is emerging as a significant fashion hub in Asia, with a growing presence of both local and international brands and designers. Both cities host world-renowned fashion weeks (Milan Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week) that attract global attention. However, cultural, aesthetic, and historical differences between the two cities certainly influence their distinctive styles in fashion.

Dry)What do you think about the connection and potential between Chinese intangible cultural heritage and contemporary fashion?
Mr Zhu The connection between Chinese intangible cultural heritage and contemporary fashion holds incredible potential. Contemporary fashion can preserve and celebrate Chinese cultural traditions by integrating them into modern clothing, bridging the gap between the past and present. This fusion can lead to unique outcomes and promote Chinese cultural heritage worldwide.

Dry  How does Shanghai Fashion Week act as a platform, utilize design to connect, and promote cooperation between renowned designers and projects related to intangible cultural heritage?
Mr Zhu Shanghai Fashion Week plays a crucial role as a platform that connects designers, promotes cooperation, and celebrates intangible cultural heritage. This event provides a stage for emerging and established designers to showcase their creations and establish industry connections. Furthermore, Shanghai Fashion Week has often embraced elements of traditional Chinese culture, integrating intangible cultural heritage into runway shows and designs. This can help preserve and promote important cultural traditions through contemporary fashion, creating a bridge between the past and the present. 

Dry How can the traditional Chinese craftsmanship industry obtain new development opportunities through improved design and the branding of Ji Cheng?
Mr Zhu The traditional Chinese craftsmanship industry can indeed gain new development opportunities through improved design and Ji Cheng branding. This enhancement can open doors to greater visibility and appreciation of Chinese artisanal treasures worldwide, bridging the gap between China’s rich cultural history and modern market demands.

It has truly been a pleasure talking with Mr Zhu Weiming Leader from Shangai and we look forward to staying updated because we can’t wait to observe the evolution of JCHENG that brings with it an air of diversity rooted in Chinese craftsmanship, playing with space and time.