Moose knuckles and Luar teamed up for a sensational and long-lasting collaboration during New York fashion week


In the dazzling setting of New York Fashion Week, one of the most memorable moments was Luar‘s runway show. Designer Raul Lopez astounded the city with his A/W 24 collection, ‘Deceptionista’, which captured attention not only for its luxurious fusion of uptown and downtown elements but also for Beyoncé’s front-row presence. However, behind the scenes lies a deeper story, particularly tied to the groundbreaking collaboration with Moose Knuckles.
In a recent press release, Lopez expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership with a brand that shares his values of innovation, technology, and design. “These themes are always at the forefront of my creative process, making this collaboration incredibly natural,” he commented.
For this inaugural collaboration, Lopez reinvented Moose Knuckles’ renowned weather-resistant outerwear, drawn from the Canadian brand’s extensive archive. Crafted from Moose Knuckles’ distinctive nylon, the capsule collection seamlessly blends the aesthetics of both brands, merging warmth with Luar’s desire to push design boundaries.
Lopez’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the intersection of New York City and the Dominican Republic, celebrating constant curiosity and the redefinition of timeless design to honor an uninhibited identity. Similarly, Moose Knuckles is committed to creating the world’s warmest coats, tailored for global metropolises.
Carlos Nazario, Moose Knuckles’ global artistic director, shared his admiration for Lopez’s vision, stating: “I deeply respect Raul’s vision, and it has been a pleasure to witness what he has built with Luar.” Nazario emphasized the natural synergy between the two brands, stemming from their shared experiences and values. “The beauty of this collaboration comes to life through our shared experiences, and I am thrilled to finally unite the Moose Knuckles and Luar communities,” he added.
The resulting garments are truly unique, with elements that redefine the concept of wearability. Both teams were heavily involved in the design process, drawing inspiration from vintage pieces, Luar’s unique and irreverent silhouettes, and Moose Knuckles’ rich archive of materials and techniques. The collection seamlessly blends classic materials with weatherproof outerwear, with Luar’s innovative silhouettes at the forefront, inspired by retro East Coast winter garments.