A contemporary and poetic fashion show

Text by: Charlotte Garlaschelli

Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s design, both out of time and focused on the contemporary, has hit the Paris catwalk for Issey Miyake fall/winter collection. Entitled Silent Energy, the collection is a tribute to the most authentic and savage nature, without clamour, but understated and quiet. Silent indeed. A nature translated into white or black padded clothes, wild furs to wrap human shoulders and necks, wavy wool, pleated fabrics, abundant dresses with fuchsia and blue neon edges. Stretch fabric is Issey Miyake’s trademark, but this time wool has prevailed and become a captivating wavy design: the brand’s famous yarn Steam Stretch was indeed enriched with woolen threads. The result is an experiment with a new fabric and texture, capable of combining lightness, comfort and identity.

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An enchanted landscape filled with plants and animals waiting for the spring to return. “A winter wonderland asks silently: From where does life come and to where does it go?” – such is the message launched by “The breath of the wild, a sign of hope.” In a time of climate change and natural turmoils, the models of the show seem determined to respect nature, or even to imitate the wild forms of plants and animals. These garments remind us of yetis or rare plants that won’t fit in the categories of a herbarium, a sigh of nature not to betray the brand’s design, while still giving continuity to the contemporary and timeless poetic beauties of this collection.