Today, at Marsèll Paradise, Angelo Flaccavento presents INCORSODICORSA, an act intended to unveil a story, a process


The third vertex of the triangle born from Angelo Flaccavento’s creativity falls, as per tradition, on March 21 during the spring solstice. The choice of the day is not accidental, as spring carries the scent of rebirth, where the senses and inspiration flourish anew. To grasp the essence of INCORSODICORSA, we must diverge from the common notion of an exhibition, often lacking personal interaction with the artist, and prepare to witness the genuine and disarming process of creating drawings from scratch. Angelo Flaccavento is prepared to bare himself before his audience, truly engaging in communication, aided by his instantaneous drawings—a product of a pure and courageous stream of consciousness.

With his words, this act is nothing short of a gesture of spontaneous clarity, aimed at breaking down all barriers. It’s a means to understand the artist in his entirety. In that room, where the atmosphere brushes against the realm of dreams, the ‘how,’ ‘why,’ and ‘when’ of the present will be elucidated without the use of words, solely through sheets of paper and drawing materials.