Fondation Carmignac opened a site on the island of Porquerolles in France

Edouard Carmignac created the foundation in 2000 and now on June 2nd, 2018, they opened the Villa Carmignac, an exhibition space open to the public, in Porquerolles to showcase the collection and to host cultural and artistic activities. Alongside the art collection of almost 3oo works, the foundation will also appoint the Photojournalism Award, an annually award of 50,000 euro.

Visitors now will have the chance to admire at art while being surrounded by the national park, a sculpture garden and other culture events. In fact, the exhibition site takes about 2,000 square meters of land, plus a 15-hectare garden designed by landscape designer Louis Benech.
Why Porquerolles you might ask? As Charles Carmignac, the Director of the foundation, said, “As in all legends or initiatory journeys, the voyage to the island is always a double crossing: one physical and the other mental. It is about crossing over to the other side”.

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