BRAFA 2024: a fine balance of specialities and a guarantee of quality for art lovers

After a very well-received 68th edition in January, BRAFA is now preparing its 69th edition with great enthusiasm. The Fair will take place from Sunday, January 28th to Sunday, February 4th, 2024 at Brussels Expo in Halls 3 & 4.

BRAFA prides itself on being one of the highest-quality international fairs in Europe. Its taste for excellence is evident in the selection of exhibitors. This year, it will be welcoming 132 galleries from 14 countries, offering a range of specialities from Antiquity to contemporary art.

BRAFA 2023 - Baronian © Jean-Michel Clajot
BRAFA 2023, Baronian ©Jean-Michel Clajot

Didier Claes, the Vice-Chairman of BRAFA, Non-European Art Section, explains: “For this edition, we wanted to offer an even greater diversity of specialities, whilst remaining close to the DNA of the Fair, which is first and foremost an antiques fair. As a result, in January 2024, we’ll have an appropriate balance between the different fields on display. With this dynamic, we’re seeking to attract a multi-generational audience.”

RichardSaltounGallery_JodaBuic, WhiteReflections, 1970_1975
Richard Saltoun Gallery, Joda Buic, White Reflections, 1970-1975

Each year, new applications are carefully examined and two days are devoted to expert appraisals prior to the opening of the Fair. More than 80 international experts specialising in different periods and fields carry out meticulous checks on the authenticity, quality and state of conservation of the works, so that collectors can buy with complete confidence.

Francis Maere, the Vice-Chairman of BRAFA’s Modern and Contemporary Art Section, remarks: “The art market nowadays is so bountiful that it can be hard to find your way around. What sets BRAFA apart from other fairs is its seriousness, with a particular focus on quality. We’ve taken yet another step in this direction for the next edition.”

18 new exhibitors will be taking part, completing the range of fields on display at BRAFA. In Antique Art, the Spanish Nicolás Cortés Gallery will be exhibiting European paintings and sculptures from the fifteenth to the early twentieth century, including works by Zurbaran, Goya, Ribera and Murillo. Ralph Gierhards Antiques / Fine Art, a German specialist in European art from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, will be presenting gilt bronze objects, sculptures, furniture, Old Master paintings, Impressionist paintings and Art Deco objects. The Heutink Ikonen gallery, based in the Netherlands, will be displaying a selection of icons from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries from the Balkans, Russia, Greece, Egypt and Ethiopia. The German gallery Kunsthaus Kende will be offering antique and modern silverware, as well as contemporary creations. Two Italian galleries specialising in the Haute Epoque, Mearini Fine Art and Romigioli Antichità, will be joining the list of 2024 exhibitors. For its part, the French gallery Marc Maison will be presenting nineteenth-century architecture, furniture and objects relating to the World’s Fairs of 1851-1900.

KunsthausKende_RyuheiSako (Japan) MokumeGaneVases_2022
Kunsthaus Kende, Ryuhei Sako (Japan), Mokume Gane Vases, 2022

Camille Brasseur, the Director of the Paul Delvaux Foundation, comments: “The Foundation has seized the opportunity presented by BRAFA 2024 to take part in the Year of Surrealism and shine a spotlight on the work of the great master. BRAFA is a key event for promoting contact with the general public and collectors alike.”

Paul Delvaux (1897-1994), Le Canapé vert, 1944 - photo Vincent Everarts © Foundation Paul Delvaux, Belgium, SABAM 2023
Paul Delvaux (1897-1994), Le Canapé vert, 1944 - photo Vincent Everarts © Foundation Paul Delvaux, Belgium, SABAM 2023

The Paul Delvaux Foundation will take visitors on a journey into the highly personal world of the artist, whose works, like waking dreams, feature mysterious figures, with women playing a central role, as well as the more unexpected figures of skeletons in ancient architectural settings or railway stations, which particularly fascinated the artist. The ROCAD (Royal Chamber of Art dealers in Belgium) will be exhibiting works on paper by the same artist.

Camille Brasseur, the Director of the Delvaux Foundation, will also be giving a talk devoted to the Belgian painter on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 as part of the BRAFA Art Talks, which will take place daily at 4pm at the stand of the King Baudouin Foundation.

6 Swiss Galleries will be exhibiting at BRAFA 2024

Galerie Von Vertes, Yayoi Kusama, Hat(ATE), 2001
CortesiGallery_PieroDorazio_MissKayenta_ 1964
Cortesi Gallery, Piero Dorazio, Miss Kayenta, 1964

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