Text by: Annarosa Laureti

This year, on the occasion of Milano Design Week, maison Missoni joins the Fuorisalone events presenting in via Solferino the space “Home Sweet Home”, an environment curated by Alessandra Roveda.

Bonded over the common never-ending love for crochet and knit, the designer and the Italian brand have conceived a perceive installation where it’s easy getting lost into memories and thoughts.

At the centre of the space a house, completely cover up by woollen threads – in perfect Missoni style – stands out. Thanks to the missing walls, you can peek at the family life inside it: a switched on TV, a guitar on the wall, books on the library, a laid table, a bike in the backyard, children’s games on the floors… all pervaded by an engaging atmosphere.

Starting from a concept by Angela Missoni, interweaving threads from several shades of colors, Alessandra Roveda creates a truly picturesque set where time seems to be stops.

The only thing you wants to do is to enter in this enveloping and warm house and be part of the Missoni fairy tale, enjoying the sushi meal prepared and sitting on the relaxing sofa.

Overall, here you can find a magic place where you can remind those personal family’s recollections or – why not – daydream future ones.