To support the revolutionary musician, Genesis P-Orridge, the London-based designer organized a silent auction at Ace Hotel in New York

Last year, Genesis P-Orridge, or as she is dubbed the “Godsperson of Industrial Music”, had to cancel the 2018 European tour with her band, after being tragically diagnosed with leukemia. She is the founder and front-woman of the leading-edge experimental music group Psychic TV, one of the most influential bands in pioneering the acid house genre.

Yang Li, who collaborates with her, decided to devote this season of SAMIZDAT, his collection of fictional music band merchandise, to reproduce the merch for the Psychic TV tour that never happened. 

The line is available to purchase as part of the silent auction organized with Opening Ceremony, raising funds to help Genesis fight her battle against leukemia. Alongside this both Genesis and Yang are displaying unique pieces from their personal collections, such as limited edition and signed records, books and prints. 

At the event, there will be many special guests, from Psychic TV’s members, to Dominick Fernow, the iconic NY noise musician, and artistic directors David Ortega and Laura Genninger.

The Gallery at Ace Hotel
New York
Reception held on September 7
Exhibition on view from August 30 to September 13