Have you ever thought of directing a movie about the worst night of your life? Woody Harrelson did it: Lost in London is his first movie, shot in less then 2 hours, directed in a night in London, broadcast live in the meantime of the recording. Amazing?

Woody Harrelson is an American actor, 55 years old, famous for starring in famous movies like Indecent Proposal, Hunger GamesStar Wars, and sitcom Cheer. He has never directed a movie, but what happened in a disastrous – even funny – evening in 2002 was too great not to be told.
The show will be not a docu-movie but a real film directed for two hours among Victoria and other fourteen locations in London. On the spotlight, also famous actors like Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, friends of Harrelson and crazy actors like him.

WHY HE DID IT?  First, the personal experience of the director; then for that German film “Lost in London’s Victoria” that Harrelson defined ‘a work of art’. “Lost in London’s Victoria” is a movie turned all at once in 2015, with a single camera, in a very long sequence shot (about a night in Berlin). The night of Woody was crazy enough to repeat the experiment.

WHY HE WAS LOST IN LONDON? Everything began with a fight between Harrelson and his wife. After then, the actor spent the evening at Chinawhite, a nightclub in London’s West End, «a Hell», he defined. It is not clear why but Harrelson quarreled with a taxi driver, punched (and / or kicks) the taxi and ran away, chased by the taxi driver and then by the police”. He went to jail. The days after, Harrelson told the press: «I was a fucking idiot».

AN UNUSUAL MOVIELost in London is going to be directed Thursday, January 19 in real time and broadcast live in 500 American cinema.
Only one cinema in England (Picturehouse Central) will do the same. Maybe not to give a bad advice. Maybe because, for the jet lag, the movie is recomended only for the bravest audience, the ones that will be able to go to the cinema in the middle of the night.