The new collection in collaboration with Shayne Oliver brings the ski heritage brand from the mountains to the city streets…

In a “Alpine nostalgia” kind of atmosphere, the pioneer designer, co-founder of “Hood by Air”, relaunches Colmar’s iconic products by reinventing them through his eccentric aesthetic vision. Rediscovering the brand’s centenary archives, Oliver creates a new imaginary of the ski apparel with a vintage touch, proposing oversized fits, cape-jackets hung from the shoulders like little parachutes, double and triple parkas to be worn back to front, garnish colors and shiny fabrics. 

“Our encounter is an experiment in mood and energy which drives the outerwear collection a maximum, juggling the iconic products of Colmar with my sense of performance and a unisex approach to wearing fashion” – Shayne Oliver

In a fusion between the underground and the ski outerwear, Colmar A.G.E. extends the brand’s versatility reconfiguring it through street language. It enhances the unisex style adopting Oliver’s spectacular forms yet respecting the history of the alpine fashion master. The unisex trousers indeed recall 70s Colmar gaiters… and the over-trousers can be worn either to go skiing or to walk across the city.

“Seeing how Shayne Oliver has interpreted our history was definitely interesting. The association between our two worlds, if at the start I thought would be difficult to see, has produced amazing results. What I appreciate is that while reworking iconic pieces of the past in an extreme way, Shayne has been able to preserve their soul and so it is easy to guess which jackets, sweatshirts and trousers were his inspiration”– Giulio Colombo, Colmar’s CEO.