Our guide to the perfect Christmas gift continues… that’s the turn of accessories!

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

When we were children, there was nothing more exciting than Christmas holiday: the family reunited, the lights, the magic atmosphere and, above all, that chubby bearded man!

Now those times are gone and the only thing you have to do is thinking about presents for everyone.

Even if going back to childhood seems to be impossible, with our selection of cartoon – but obviously glamorous too – accessories you can try to do it.

So take note and began to write your letter to Santa!


Does your best friend that Peter Pan who doesn’t want to grow up yet? No problem, Prada has thought about him launching an army of tiny and mysterious creatures in collaboration with the design company 2×4 New York.

Despite this is not the first project done together, this time they have thought bigger, creating a completely new animal species “one part biological, one part technological, all parts Prada”.

Pradamalia – this is the family’s name – is composed by seven creatures with different supernatural powers, that have decided to convert their self into jewellery, trick keychains and small leather goods for both women and men.

Made up with several materials, from wood to metal passing through Saffiano leather, each one has its own bizarre personality, described in details in a special packaging: there are the rude chanteuse Disco, the friendly and happy plant Fiddle, the iconic Prada’s monkeys Otto&Toto, the sentimental double-tail dog Socks, the tender Spots and finally Scuba, a truly odd duck… it is very easy to find the one which fits you better!

Shop all the gang at Prada

Crystal Living Collection

For that Jingle Bells season addicted friend, we suggest you the new 2018 Crystal Living Collection by Swarovski.

First of all the annual Christmas ball, then the Santa Claus hat, the gingerbread tree, the snowflake, the shining star, and the holly as well, are the perfect house accessories to make a truly precious Christmas tree.

Obviously all is declined in the traditional tones of red, green and white and with the iconic Swarovski crystal touch!

Available at Swarovski, we are sure that these magic and shining decorations will convert to Christmassy also the most Grinch soul ever!

Disney x Lacoste

This year the most popular mouse in the world and the most stylish crocodile ever decided to celebrate respectively their 90th and 85th anniversaries together.

There’s no better way to let your little niece – or everyone else infected by Mickey Mouse mania – join this super birthday party than giving them items from the capsule collection Disney x Lacoste.

Backpacks, tote bags, coin pouches and other small leather goods with Micky and Minnie Mouse stamps are perfect to give a cartoon touch to your personal style.

And if this is not enough, Lacoste has thought about the daywear as well: with a choice of vintage – flavoured sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, polos and sneakers, wearing a total Disney look has never been so cool!

Shop online at Lacoste

Karl in Tokyo

One of the hardest part of Christmas shopping is thinking about the perfect gift for your fashionaholic friend. In this case, Dry suggests you the new Holiday Collection 2018 “Karl in Tokyo” by Karl Lagerferld.

A great choice of stylish accessories – from passport holders to smartphones covers, from bum bags to wallets – will make happy also the most demanding one.

Available online at Karl, the collection fits well with all types of friends and relatives: your Manga addicted cousin will fell in love with the icons’ design renovated in Japanese key, your poetic soul mate will look forward to write on Karl block-note while your cat lover auntie will definitely go crazy for the lovely Choupette keychain.

“FLORIOGRAPHY – Of Many Colours”

If making a gift to your trendy friend is difficult, it’s even more arduous to write an original greeting card. You can think about that special statement for hours but you can also be sure that the perfect inspiration won’t come up.

This year forget all the randomly quotes search on google and entrust yourself in Issey Miyake “FLORIOGRAPHY – Of Many Colours” Collection.

The brand, in collaboration with Takram, proposes as Christmas gift a limited selection of floral accessories – floral corsage, charms and scrunches -declined in many colors and made with the iconic pleated fabric that you can customize with a personal message. The coolest thing is that inside the greeting paper you will find different words to combine as you prefer, without losing your mind because of “blank page” syndrome.

Thanks to this original fashion idea, you will definitely melt your loved one’s heart!

To know more, visit Issey Miyake

Loubibaby Collection

Your mummy-to-be friend will be enthusiastic with this glamorous gift during her baby shower!

Christian Louboutin launched an exclusive and very limited capsule collection – there are only 600 items – in collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow for Goop.

These cutie booties are available in three different variations of colored satin and in size 18, for 6-9 month-old babies. In addition to the handmade bow, it cannot miss obviously the iconic red sole, in perfect Louboutin style.

Hurry up and click on Christian Louboutin to shop them.

Louis Vuitton for Unicef

Trying to make the difference with a simple gift this Christmas is possible thanks to Louis Vuitton and its Silver Lockit.

As every year since 2016, the maison has taken the forefront to defence children’s rights with the launch, throughout the campaign #MAKEAPROMISE, the new bracelet in partnership with Unicef.

This truly defence symbol has a renovated design inspired by the English actress Sophie Turner’s idea of fortune. In addition to the signature lock charm in fact, there is a pendant that portrays a bunny – whose paw is considered lucky since forever – and the plaited strings are white and red, the luckiest colour in China.

Buying the Silver Lockit – now available at Louis Vuitton and in 160 stores all over the world – you will just only give a fine bangle but also help children that live in danger, for example in the refugee camp Cox bazar in Bangladesh. Part of the proceeds in fact will be donated to Unicef.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and #MAKEAPROMISE!


To know more about this partnership visit Unicef