Being “revolution” the fil rouge of Collectible DRY #6 Issue, this short film, Gentle rage, is about a social recognition of great significance: “third gender”.
In November 2017 Germany’s top court has ruled that lawmakers must legally recognize a “third gender” from birth. Germany would become the first European country to offer intersex people the option of identifying as a designation other than male or female. As the German public international broadcaster “Deutsche Welle” had reported: “Many people who were subjected to a ‘normalizing’ operation in their childhood have later perceived it as a mutilation and would never have agreed to it as adults.”

Here below a very short imaginitive description of the film:
Un’identità gemellare. 

Cielo di voci monoteistiche.
Essere il terzo.
Non più incomodo


Direction: Luca Nistler
Photography: Evelyn Bencicova
Styling: Gabriele Papi
MUA: Serena Congiu
Models: Bruna @EliteMilan
Alexander and Mathias @Boom
Text: Luca Nistler
Source: CNN, Deutsche Welle
Credits: Burberry, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Angelos Frentzos, Federico Cina, Alberto Zambelli, Roberto Nizzari, Offfi

Dolls: Isola Pepe Verde and Lalfio Lalfio Oh Ruggero Asnago