Get inspiration from Ladies in Dior for a stunning make-up, totally focused on eyes

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

Since the beginning, Christian Dior has taken care about Hollywood actresses.

Actually the French maison continues the designer’s mission thinking not only about wonderful red carpet dresses, but also about marvelous make-ups.

If you want to feel like a star for once, you may appreciate these make-up tutorials thought just for a red carpet soul.

So pay attention to the following guidelines focused on the eyes of two Dior’s muses, and have fun wearing a look that will astonish and delight everybody!

Never-ending eyelashes

With the Diorshow Mascara #090 Pro Black Natalie Portman’s eyelashes – as yours will – have never been so long and well defined.

For a more intense effect, the make-up artist Pati Dubroff used at first the Diorshow Khôl #099 Black Khôl to trace the actress’ eyelashes line up and down, blending it a bit. Then, for a very natural touch, he used pink and white tones of the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette at the centre of the eyelid.

For the face, the make-up artist used – after applied the Dior Capture Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion special cream – the Diorskin Forever foundation, applying it with a brush from the centre to edge. Then he mixed up pink and bronze tones of Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette for a blush effect, while the white and gold tones to highlight.

According to Dubroff choices, the lips have to be naturally make-up. You may apply a lipstick – the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge – of a shade completely similar to yours.

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Sparkling eyes

You have already tried a shining look for New Years Eve’s party following our make-up choices. However there isn’t only a special occasion to shine: every time you want you can reply this super make-up that every girl in the world loves, including the wonderful Charlize!

The secret is on eye shadows tones. The make-up artist Sabrina Bedrani decided to use on Charlize Theron the Dior Backstage Eye Palette. First of all she applied on the eyelid, and on the eye lashes line as well, a bronze tone, then she added a lilac shade moving from the edge to the centre. Finally, to made the eye more intense, she used a brown eyeliner and the Diorshow Pump’n’Volume mascara.

Obviously, for a total glowing look, don’t miss the lipgloss: the make-up artist chose for the actress the flawless Addict Lip Maximizer.

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Wings on eyes

If you love unconventional thing this make-up proposal will do you!

Behind these wings on eyes there is Sarai Fiszel mind.

Repeating the make-up artist’s work isn’t so difficult: after defined the eyebrows with Diorshow bold brow, traced the eyes’ line with a black khôl and applied on eyelids a glow eye shadow, you can make long “wings” till your eyebrows using a simple red lipstick – the iconic Rouge Dior of course – blending them a bit at the end.

However the look is not truly complete before applying on your lips a natural tone of a bright lipstick.

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The “Cat Eye”

Everybody knows that the “Cat Eye” is the Eye Make-up par excellence. Many actresses have loved it and continue to love it. Why you cannot wearing it as well feeling more feminine and sexier?

The make-up artist Quinn Murphy revealed what he used for Natalie: the eyeliner Diorshow On Stage Liner #091 Matte Black.

However you have also to remember that the secret of an intense look is on eyebrows: make them stronger defining the entire arcade with Dior Brow Styler.

Then, obviously, you cannot miss a super black mascara, to apply both on upper and lower eyelashes.

Finally you have to remember that the most important thing is to not exceed with make-up.

So if you chose the “cat eye” keep your lips nude, using for example, as Quinn did, the Rouge Dior in #219 Rose Montaigne tone.

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Cover: Illustration by Tony Viramontes